HTML5 iPhone and iPad App Development

HTML5 is the fifth revision to support the latest multimedia specifications and is intended as a single markup language that can be written in either HTML or XHTML syntax. It adds many new syntactical features, designed to simplify building and amending multimedia and graphical content on the web free of proprietary plugins and APIs, which is especially vital for the development of mobile applications

At the moment html5 application development remains one of the most advanced areas, and is used around the world.

HTML remains popular today due to its device-independent foundation, enabling cross-platform development for a variety of mobile devices. This is particularly key to maintain budgets across coverage requirements. DataArt works with the most sophisticated HTML layouts which support a broad range of device resolutions, implements HTML5-based media delivery and creates dynamic pages for mobile devices. DataArt’s developers leverage the most popular mobile web browsers and are well-versed in related security and authentication issues.

DataArt uses the latest technology to build HTML5 apps that provide partial functionality even when offline. DataArt’s engineers also integrate elements of HTML in native apps to decrease development costs. If required, web apps developed by DataArt can retain the original look, feel and usability of the native platform.

HTML5 is one of the hottest growing web development platforms backed by many big IT giants in the world. It brings with it incredible web browsing experience so much so that every web pundit today predicts that, in a few years down the line, HTML5 will revolutionize the web world.

Considering the growing demand for HTML5, Dot Com Infoway offers HTML5 development services to clients. One of the pioneers to provide HTML5 development as a service offering, DCI is backed by its strong forte of veteran and expert HTML developers and professionals.

HTML5 iPhone and iPad App Development

HTML5 is a revision of HTML, one of the oldest web programming languages. Though HTML reigned during the nascent stages of the web, it suffered heavily later due its lack of upgrades, functionalities and inability to compete with other programming languages. But now, with HTML5, almost everything is possible – right from basic web building to development of rich internet applications like Flash and Java FX.

Dot Com Infoway has been developing iPhone and iPad apps for quite a while and now, with HTML5 services, we can enable your website to be compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Since Apple started pushing HTML5 globally with support on iDevices, the language has become the most suitable for iPhone/iPad.

DCI’s domain knowledge and competency in iPhone and mobile application development is evident from the awards and accolades its clients heap on it. Given such ace knowledge, Dot Com Infoway cannot but do the best when it comes to optimization of your website for the iPhone/iPad.

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